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with a unique gaming experience!

Create content, interact with your friends, and posts
using spells, farm magic items and grow your audience!

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Flying bug

Boost your energy regeneration up to 10%


Create popular content - more chances to get high-valued items!

Grow audience

Use special spells and buffs to be more viral.

Stand out

Farm unique and rare items.



This is a unique attribute, which is the basis for almost any action in our magical world and has unique characteristics. When executing actions, your energy will decrease. It will either recover itself over time, or you can use special items to restore it instantly.


Objects & Artefacts

Every time you spend energy, we launch a special event that randomly determines whether you will be able to earn an item. Items can be decorative, recovery pots, and artifacts that give unique characteristics to your account. The chance of an item falling out is affected by the “Luck” attribute of your account.



When users interact with your content, approve it, making it viral - you earn experience points. The number that indicates the level directly correlates with how much your content is in demand, and how popular your account is. The level also affects the ability to use some items and spells that are not available to beginners.



Every item you get in our magical world can be sold on the marketplace - here you will find many decorative and magic items that will be useful in your magical journey.
If you can't wait to get something really cool - just buy it! The more unique the item, the more expensive you can sell it.


Magic spell’s & Effect’s

Regular interaction with content on a social network is usually expressed in the setting of a “like” or “reaction". We went even further - you can cast various spells on the content, which will either worsen its progress or improve it.
Also, effects can be imposed on the user - increasing or decreasing his characteristics.

Flying bug

Boost your energy regeneration up to 10%

Leave your email and get
a unique artifact at the start!